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Oxiracetam is a nootropic drug that is commonly used to treat cognitive deficits of cerebrovascular origins. However, oxiracetam is currently used as a racemic mixture whose effective ingredient has not been identified to date. In this study, we first identified that (S)-oxiracetam, but not (R)-oxiracetam, was the effective ingredient that alleviated the impairments of spatial learning and memory by ameliorating neuron damage and white matter lesions, increasing the cerebral blood flow, and inhibiting astrocyte activation in chronic cerebral hypoperfused rats. Furthermore, using MALDI-MSI and LC-MS/MS, we demonstrated that (S)-oxiracetam regulated ATP metabolism, glutamine-glutamate and anti-oxidants in the cortex region of hypoperfused rats. Altogether, our results strongly suggest that (S)-oxiracetam alone could be a nootropic drug for the treatment of cognitive impairments caused by cerebral hypoperfusion and as an antidepressant medication.

Oxiracetam, which is a cyclic derivative of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) that belongs to the racetam group is one of the most commonly used nootropic drugs; oxiracetam is used to treat cognitive impairments and has beneficial effects on cerebrovascular impairments and multi-infarct dementia. The main mechanism of oxiracetam is thought to directly influence energy metabolism in the brain. In clinical practice, oxiracetam is used as a racemic mixture of both (S)-oxiracetam and (R)-oxiracetam.

The pharmacological activity is predominantly associated with only one enantiomer in a drug. The use of the active enantiomer alone may, therefore, result in an increased efficacy, simplified pharmacokinetics, and reduced drug-drug interactions and adverse effects. Compared to oxiracetam, (S)-oxiracetam is reported to have a higher absorption rate and a slower elimination rate; (S)-oxiracetam can also induce long-term synaptic potentiation in rat hippocampal slices and reverse the impairment in learning and memory induced by scopolamine.


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